A white hot orb lingers in the sky. Multiple trajectories coincide, multiple moments collide. I am the passenger in a car hurtling through space and time, glimpsing between trees and suspension wires and motorway lights for that exact moment when the sun sinks low enough to illuminate the clouds with its beautiful glow. I capture the moment with my camera. For a split second this world is eclipsed by another moment. The Sun reaches out to me. I feel there is something beyond all this. Not at the fiery centre of this burning sphere but underneath consciousness, another dimension out in the space-time, a leap of faith beyond the stars... Read more

Coincidences 2020


As layers of memory exist in this house already, so I am adding more.

I share with you this house so close to the forest on one side that I can feel the pine needles pressing up against the glass. On the other side of the house is the sea. The house juts onto a wide beach as if rudely invading it. The fresh sea air whips my hair and fills my nostrils. In the forest the trees are packed in tight. The lamps by the entrance stay on even in the daytime it is so dark. And if you follow the path through the trees, you will find a lake, dark and still. Look into that deep lake as it plunges you deeper and deeper into the Landscape….. Read more


The Velveteen Monster became a beast to be reckoned with. Velveteen because of the way the clouds caught the light giving it a chiaroscuro appearance and that of velour, and Monster because in its deepest and darkest parts it nearly gobbled me up. A dark saturated presence hanging in the corner, its very surface alive with running paint… Read more

Reflections and Absences 2016
Jupiter 2015

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