Somewhere, Dreaming

Somewhere, Dreaming is a series of works by the same title which was created for Over the Sea to the Sky group exhibition at Byard Art, Cambridge, 2013. In order for the works to be viewed in the space that inspired them I held a preview evening at my studio before creating 2 copies of the same book featuring images of the exhibition in Brussels. One book served as documentation to feature as part of the exhibition at Byard Art and the second book was created to accompany the work featured on the right in the below image; Somewhere, Dreaming (I).

Somewhere, Dreaming, preview evening at my former studio, Rue du Viaduc, Ixelles, BE 2013

“At times when we believe we are studying something, instead we are actually being receptive to a kind of day dreaming.” -Gaston Bachelard

“The sky is absorbing and awe inspiring, it never ceases to carry me away both in thought and emotion. It is the starting point of all my ideas. The sky in my paintings becomes a background for the title of the work, just as the sky is our endless background to life. We spend so much time looking at it, not looking at it, longing to be out there with it looking out the window, thinking of ideas and dreaming, returning to the sky when we have time to pause like a bird taking flight into the air. The sky takes us to the sky, but then always somewhere else.”

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