Reflections video installation was first created in 2004, shown at the Yard gallery in 2005 as part of the Sensitive Skin Season of Interdisciplinary Arts run by Future Factory in Nottingham. In 2016 I remade some of the main structure of the work and exhibited it as part of my Reflections and Absences solo exhibition at Maison Pelgrims, 69 Rue du Parme, 1060, Brussels. In the 2016 version, the projection tower does not have a mirrored front as in the footage below from 2005.

Reflections video installation footage from 2005

A glass tank contains a small world where the clouds chase across the sky and sunlight flickers amongst the hills. The world is reflected in its own lake. Another ‘lake’ is set in the sky creating multiple images that repeat over and over extending the continuous world up into the sky and down into the earth. The sheets of glass that make up the sides of the tank are also transformed into reflective surfaces as they are lit on one side by the moving landscape inside the tank.

Reflections not only encloses the net of a particular landscape but also encloses its passage through time. This condensed landscape is expanded into the surrounding room through the mirrored surfaces that contain it.

Reflections does not show infinity, it only hints at a world outside of itself, however its angular container reflects the human understanding of the passage of time, in which we all exist, but cannot fully comprehend

Reflections: 160cm x 40cm x 20cm. 2 x MDF plinths, a fish tank , light box Perspex, two mirrors, DVD player, video projector, mini amp, stick on speakers and a copy of time-lapse footage. Filmed by the artist on mini DV in the Lakedistrict at Derwent water facing in the direction of Causey Pike and Catbells in April 2004.

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