The Jupiter series won the Prix du Public at Prix Hamesse #31 in 2015, Saint-Gilles, BE.

This series comes after my Installation in tribute to Magritte entitled ‘Chapeau Magritte’. Fluffy white clouds against the bluest of blue skies float inside a glass fronted cupboard. Polished and static, it was a pause before a new direction.

I went to place Jupiter in Brussels to try and find the perfect sunset. Instead of one glorious sky, each time I went the interesting photographs came at different points in the sunset. One particular evening, the 14th of September 2015 was one such evening. Soft yellows and muddied purples glinted in the distance before Cumulus bubbled in pink, blue and purple on the horizon. The sunset finished with a swoosh of small lumpy clouds overhead which took on a different nature when photographed with my zoom lens. Each moment born on the same evening, I planned to create 3 interlinking paintings but as time went on each painting took on its own identity and became further and further distanced from the next. This series has naturally become the stepping stone between my sky paintings and my lake paintings. Much less about reality than before but still spurned on by it

Velveteen Monster, oil paint on cotton canvas, 2015 100cm x 150cm,

Velveteen Monster :The big one became a beast looming over me. It is not always that painting consumes or intimidates me but this one did. Despite its identity being so attached to that time and space, Jupiter; leering out of the darkness its demeanor and creation gave it a new title: The Velveteen Monster became a beast to be reckoned with. Velveteen because of the way the clouds caught the light giving it a chiaroscuro appearance and that of velour, and Monster because in its deepest and darkest parts it nearly gobbled me up. A dark saturated presence hanging in the corner, its very surface alive with running paint. Such a challenge really matures you as an artist and brings direction. Learning a lot in the execution of this work, it was physically and technically challenging and demanded a lot of time and a new kind of energy. It was really hard for which I really like and dislike this painting.

Cumulous Ambigous, oil paint on cotton canvas 2015, 40cm x 80cm

Cumulus Ambiguous: A lake has opened up, a lake that was never there before. Paint trickles down into it. I thought at first these lakes in my new series would be mirrors but this one reflects back something different to what I see above, somewhere else perhaps? It has a beauty to it. I can imagine a lake but at the same time I know it isn’t there. It is the sky but it is no longer whole. Painting this Autumn amongst the news headlines about refugees, wars, crisis. With so many people lost and failed by those in power, a perfect horizon no longer seems possible. One can dream but it seems precarious, too fragile.

Undecided, oil paint on cotton canvas 2015, 20cm x 50cm

Lastly I painted Undecided with its dirty drips and smears and its lake of orangeade. Its upper beauty oozes down the canvas like gangly legs quivering under the weight of its parts. I imagine a pier at the end of a scorching hot day on the beach, the view like a mirage in the salty haze… But really that lake of orangeade is a veil of pollution hanging over Brussels before nightfall.

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