Becoming River: Losing myself in the Roanne River, Drôme France, 2012*

Continuing my fascination with the human perception of space and time, I explore landscapes and other spaces through the selective use of the frame. My work currently exists as painting, photography, collage and installation. Sometimes I place a sky painting in a space in order to create a porthole back through time, or link two times and spaces together in juxtaposition through collage.

Painting has become a way of naturally extending ideas that I previously began using video, a way of creating the ultimate still. I re-frame and emphasise occurrences, observing through a window or a camera lens. The glass separates me from my subject and I become an observer of a time. I become engulfed by the enormity of my subject, I become immersed. My day dreams in front of the skies and places I study have a habit of taking me elsewhere. I imagine extensions to existence, I get caught between two times and spaces, I exist between two worlds.

Glass and reflective surfaces remain a constant source of interest. Lakes become mirrors, giving the sky back to the earth. They are like windows on another dimension, breaking the monotony of the horizon and burning a hole in time and space.

 I was born in the East Coast town of Grimsby and graduated from BA Contemporary Arts at Nottingham Trent University in 2004. During 2005-2006 I trained to be a teacher and taught Art for 5 years alongside developing my own work within the artistic community in Cambridge. I left the UK in 2011 and since then I’ve lived and worked in Brussels. In recent years I have also taken time out to raise my two young children. Amongst the rich and vibrant culture here which inspires me greatly I still have roots back to the artistic community in Nottingham and Cambridgeshire and I still feel the pull of vast open skies and bleakness of the East coast and other landscapes I have known in the UK. My Christian faith is a source and an influence wherever I find myself in this life.

  • Created in collaboration with Hugues Brenot

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