Becoming River: Losing myself in the Roanne River, Drôme France, 2012*

Continuing my fascination with the human perception of space and time, I explore landscapes and other spaces through the selective use of the frame. I make oil paintings and also work in a wide range of media. Sometimes a space is transformed by sky paintings floating across a wall in installation, or two times and spaces are linked together in juxtaposition through collage. Working with space and time is as important in my work as the techniques I use for applying paint to canvas.

Painting has become a way of naturally extending ideas that I previously began using video, a way of creating the ultimate still that truly captures the drama of the original landscape. I re-frame and emphasise often overlooked occurrences, observing through a window or a camera lens. The glass separates me from my subject and I become an observer of a time. I become the viewer, engulfed by the enormity of my subject. My day dreams in front of the skies and places I study have a habit of taking me elsewhere. I continue to dream in front of the sky, caught between two times and spaces, existing between two worlds. Landscapes feel endless to me but with a camera I can capture them and feel what they are like, by re-creating echoes of them perhaps I can stop time, just for a moment.

Glass and reflective surfaces remain a constant source of interest. Lakes become mirrors, giving the sky back to the earth. They are like windows on another dimension, breaking the monotony of the horizon and burning a hole in time and space.

 I was born in the East Coast town of Grimsby and graduated from BA Contemporary Arts at Nottingham Trent University in 2004. During 2005-2006 I trained to be a teacher and taught Art for 5 years alongside developing my own work within the artistic community in Cambridge. I left the UK in 2011 and since then I’ve lived and worked in Brussels. Amongst the rich and vibrant culture here which inspires me greatly I still have roots back to the artistic community in Nottingham and Cambridgeshire and I still feel the pull of vast open skies and bleakness of the East coast and other landscapes I have known in the UK.

In October 2008 I was awarded second prize in The Carter Jonas Prize for a Young Artist by Cambridge Drawing Society, for my painting Gravity (Christmas Eve 2004). My limited edition artists book Skylogue was winner of Photobook Of The Year at the Digital Printer Awards 2010. In 2015 I won the Prix du Public at Prix Hamesse #31, Brussels. This awarded me the chance to hold an exhibition at Maison Pelgrims, Brussels in September 2016 which I entitled Reflections and Absences. Following this exhibition I went on to win the Mention Patrick Lecomte for photography at Prix Hamesse #32 for a series of photographs taken during the exhibition. The series of photographs was an extension to site specific work specially created for the exhibition entitled Counterbalance.

  • Created in collaboration with Hugues Brenot

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