01.05.10- 31.05.10, Williams Art, 5 Gwydir Street, Cambridge UK.

31 pieces of sky measuring 20cm x 25cm, painted in oil paint on cotton canvas and inspired by 31 photographs taken between 01.05.09-31.05.09.

The 100 limited edition book Skylogue was also launched on 01.05.10.

“People say that I paint the sky which is of course true, I prefer to think that I am also painting time. Using my camera to help me I catch the some of the moments that people miss. People are interested in my work perhaps because of the significance of certain dates in their memory. Some want to see what the sky looked like on their birthday however others like the paintings I create from my photos because they enjoy the beauty of the sky. I feel like my work is never done. I could make so many books and paintings about the sky, really this exhibition is just the start. Even just trying to represent the changes in the sky in just one day would be an impossible task, the sky is immense, in terms of space and time it is beyond our reach.”

Installation view at the then William’s Art, Cambridge, 2010

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